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"Building Families On Biblical Foundations"

Welcome To Bible Baptist Church

Let me start by saying thank you for visiting our website. We are so glad that you have taken the time to find out more about our church. Within these pages you can find out what makes Bible Baptist Church different from the majority of other churches that you may have visited. More importantly, you can find out what type of relationship God would like to have with you.

Bible Baptist Church is a group of people who have come together for the purpose of worshipping God and to have great fellowship with one another. We are a family oriented church, striving to build solid relationships within the home. We are deeply concerned with the needs of the people here in Perth and around the world.

Bible Baptist Church is a Bible believing, Independent Baptist Church. The Bible is our final authority for all that we believe and practice. If you are interested in plain, verse by verse Bible preaching and teaching, then you should come and visit us.

It is our heart-felt prayer that people would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and become actively involved in a Bible believing, Bible preaching church that cares for them. We make no apology for our strong preaching, sound doctrine, devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ and to His Word, because it echoes the long heritage of true believers throughout history.

If you are in the Perth area, I pray that you would stop by and attend one of our services. May God bless you and your family!

Pastor, Russell Brinkley

Service Times

Sunday - 10:00 a.m.

Thursday - 6:00 p.m.

Find Your Focus

Church was never meant to be confusing. Join us to get a fuller and more complete understanding of God's Word.

Wheat or Tare?

The Bible says you can know for certain whether you are going to heaven. Don't just "hope you've done it right". Come join us and discover the peace of everlasting life.